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Guy Griffithe, with his exceptional foresight and talent in business is bringing new technologies to Hollywood. He was born in San Bernardino, CA to Elizabeth Griffithe (Blakeman), who raised her seven children primarily as a single working mother. He is of Italian, French, Dutch, Irish, English and Cherokee Indian descent. Griffithe being raised from a single mother came with challenges. As children they moved a lot thus had to change schools several times. This made it hard keeping long term relationships. In 1989 they moved to Moreno Valley, California, where even though they moved several times he was able to make long term relationships he still has today.

As a child when Griffithe was in second grade he had the opportunity to play a lead in the school play. It was at this time when he learned that he had a talent for performing. He continued as a child to perform as a lead in every play he ever sought after. Any opportunity he could get to perform he tried to make it happen. He has always been a self motivated person that strives to succeed in all of his ventures. As a child because of his lack of resources he built his first bike out of parts he found in the field behind where they lived. As a child he often talked about wanting to swim with the other kids so one day he just jumped in determined to figure it out. He taught himself how to swim underwater then on top. He was always determined to find ways to make things happen.

His mother being a single mom taught him a great deal growing up. She had always done sales jobs throughout her life so it only made sense that since he liked to perform this would be suiting. At 13 years old he was picking up the phone and making sales calls setting appointments for his mother. This lead him into his first telemarketing job at 15 years of age for a publishing company. The owner of his company was having difficulties collecting receivables so he offered to go out and collect them for the company. At this age he went to a large worldwide company knocked on the door and told them he wasn't leaving until he had the check. He waited but came back with the check. At 16 years old that company promoted him to manager of the sales, customer service and collections department. He was 16 years old making $36,000 a year so he did what every 16 year old does....emancipated himself and bought his first condo. When he was 18 years of age he worked for the third largest computer distributor in the world making $80,000 a year. He was like everyone else at that point having two houses and three cars thinking he was on top of the world. At the age of 22 he had started his own mortgage brokerage which in 9 months he expanded into 17 states licensed in 38. He continued to build his success for many years to come.

2008 Griffithe was faced with several challenges that changed his life. His wife had decided that she no longer wanted to be married to him. The market was crashing in the housing world. His business partner betrayed him and all happened at the same time. He always had the captain of the ship mentality but this ship was larger then he expected and it led him straight into the group crashing. He lost everything that was ever important to him. He felt like he spent his life building only to have lost it all. He wasn't sure if he even had the strength to move on. At this time in his life it was dark and he wasn't seeming to make good choices even though his intentions were to. He ran into road block after road block until the defining moment when he had to pack his bags and make a change to save his life. It was here when he devoted his life in building good relationships and meaningful businesses. He was managing an actor and was telling him his story about his childhood. He shared with him that he wanted to be an actor and auditioned for a role which he got but his mother could not get him out there so it crushed his dreams. He vowed one day he would find his way into the industry. The good saying everything happens for a reason. The actor called him up and told him to come out to the valley as he had something for him. He went out there and the actor put him in his first role as a racist mayor. Now he was a little scared because that is not how he wanted to be known but he was grateful for the opportunity. He went on to be in another movie with that actor where he played a FBI agent.

Having a business mind Griffithe started to study how to sell a movie. There is no money in making a movie just selling it. So he focused on understanding foreign sales, then domestic then he went on to learn how production was done. As he continued down this path he started to get involved in financing projects so he could learn agreements and contracts. He then studied marketing and soon put all the pieces together and soon became President of Bridgegate Pictures. Now while he was creating this company he was also building other companies which some he sold and others are still operating. He has teamed up to build one of the most premier cannabis companies in Washington. He continues today to be involved in Real Estate lending and investments. He also owns marketing, camera, post and VR companies.

In recent years Griffithe has created deals and alliances with several companies with the goal in driving the industry into the new technology era. With the mass movement in social media he is focused on how to bring new technology with cinema formats and VR content to the mainstream. He has Executive Produced movies such as THE RECALL with Wesley Snipes and R.J. Mitte, HUMANITY BUREAU with Nicolas Cage, DISTORTED with John Cucask and Christina Ricci all in 2D, Escape and VR formats. He is part of a team that is creating major content for the market. Griffithe and his partner Travis Cloyd mark the ground breaking market with solutions to allow not only the new way of entertaining but also the marketing background to promote and maximize profitability.

Griffithe is proud to have joined SAG and now he is also a Circle Member with BAFTA. He continues to strive for greatness is this industry and bring his knowledge and abilities forward with the mission to be able to touch as many lives as possible. He has been able to build most of this in the last couple years. He often says "see what I do in the next couple years". He is driven to be a better man, friend, business partner and most importantly a better father so everyone that knows him can share and be apart of life's gifts with him.

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